5 Google Analytics Reports Every PPC Marketer Needs To Know About

Supercharge your PPC campaign performance with GA4 reports that provide meaningful trends over time.

Brooke Osmundson


  • September 29, 2023
  • 8 min read
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5 Google Analytics Reports Every PPC Marketer Needs To Know About

Like it or not, the Google Analytics 4 migration deadline has come and gone.

For someone who’s used Google Universal Analytics for the past 10 years, dealing with this change has been tough.

The previous platform provided easy-to-use reports at marketers’ fingertips in an instant.

It’s easy to have a love/hate relationship with Google Analytics reports right now.

As marketers, we have limited time in our work days.

As a result, targeted PPC keywords are more loosely managed as Google tries to master user intent.

Because of this, understanding the behavior of our target audiences is crucial for success.

The Interests segment report shows exactly that.

In the previous Universal Analytics interface, this report was called the “In-Market Segments” report.

While it’s a bit harder to find, the Interests report can be found in Google Analytics 4.

To find this report, navigate to Reports > User > Demographic details.

The report defaults to showing data by country. To view the Interest report, click the down arrow by Country and select Interests.

Navigate to the user demographics section in GA4.

Screenshot from GA4, July 2023

This report shows the types of Interest segments (for Google Ads) of users who have purchased on your website.

Interest segment report in GA4 sorted by revenue.

Screenshot from GA4, July 2023

The key features of this report allow you to: