Germany, Sweden, others deport 170 Nigerians in nine months – Report
30th September 2023

Nigerians deported from UK1
File photo: Deported Nigerians

Child Labour Eradication Foundation, Imaobong Ladipo-Sanusi, said if individuals assisted to return to Nigeria voluntarily found themselves struggling to reintegrate into society; how much more persons returned home against their will?

She added, “We don’t work with deportations; we work with returns. Even at that, their mindset is already too distorted. So, there is always a need for counselling, not just counselling on the surface; they need trauma-informed care. And that is what we have been advocating.

“I can’t speak for everyone, but I can talk about what we are doing here. There must be reintegration programmes from the receiving country and the sending countries. It is a step-by-step process. There must be a reintegration plan, training and business planning.

“All the people involved need to understand that we are dealing with human beings. Partnership can be government-to-government and some individual organisations directly work with some CSOs in Nigeria.”

Ladipo-Sanusi emphasised that collaboration between European countries and Nigeria could foster better management of migration flows and possibly prevent the need for such deportations in the first place.