10 key highlights of Tinubu’s Independence Day speech
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Nigeria’s President Bola Tinubu

While he acknowledged that his government’s reforms were difficult and painful for Nigerians, he affirmed they were inevitable.

ByKabir Yusuf

 October 1, 2023

Reading Time: 5 mins read

President Bola Tinubu addressed Nigerians Sunday in his first independence anniversary speech as president of the federal republic. Mr Tinubu spoke on different issues ranging from Nigeria’s diversity, unity, justice, economic policies, and security.

While he acknowledged that some of his government’s reforms were difficult and painful for Nigerians, the president affirmed they were inevitable, given that they hold the key to transforming the economy and advancing prosperity among the populace.

Here are the key highlights of his address:

1. Hope

On 1 October 1960, Nigeria gained its independence from Britain following years of struggle for sovereignty by leaders from various ethnic groups in the country.

This year marks Nigeria’s 63rd anniversary of independence. The years since independence have been turbulent and unstable but Mr Tinubu said there is hope for the country.



“On this solemn yet hopeful day, let us commend our founding fathers and mothers. Without them, there would be no modern Nigeria. From the fading embers of colonialism, their activism, dedication, and leadership gave life to the belief in Nigeria as a sovereign and independent nation.”

“The triumphs that Nigeria has achieved shall define us. The travails we have endured shall strengthen us. And no other nation or power on this earth shall keep us from our rightful place and destiny.

“This nation belongs to you, dear people. Love and cherish it as your very own,” he said.

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2. Unity

Mr Tinubu affirmed that one of the most important assets of the country is its diversity and human capital.

He urged citizens to remain united as that’s the only path to success.